Mens Accessories: Timeless Ties

03 June 2019

Categories: Weddings

Ties are a simple finish for a groom’s outfit, but what colour will you pick? Something pastel for elegance, something bright to be bold? Or perhaps you want to be debonair with a bow tie? Whatever you pick, we have you covered and with over 50 colours to choose from, you have plenty of choice! Have a look at some of our favourites:


Looking for something with a delicate finish for your wedding? How about a soft coloured tie? Our pastel colours are noticeably stylish and chic without being overbearing, making for a nice little addition to your wedding.  Use pastel ties to mix it up and have them matching the bridesmaids dress colours. Because the colours are so delicate, they make for a subtle match.

Left: RDT006, Top middle: RDT007 Below: RDT008, Top right and below: RDT010


Interested in a more statement piece? Make your suit pop with a dash of colour from our bolder shades. We have plenty of vibrant colours to match your taste and style. Our striking colours add personality so why not have your groomsmen in matching neon ties to make yourselves really stand out!

Left: RDT007, Top middle and below: RDT011, Right: RDT012, Below: RDT006


The debonair look! A simple bow tie is a big change from the rest. It oozes sophistication and confidence. Its quirky difference makes it really stand out on a suit, especially if you were to pick a vibrant colour. Pastel or bold, the bow tie is easily adaptable for adding the colour you want.

Left, Top middle, bottom and top right: RDT009, Bottom right: RDT005


Thin ties are a simple, elegant finish on a suit. Its long straight pop of colour is bold yet refined. Perfect for those men not wanting too much fuss and just wanting a simple addition to a suit in their colour choice.

Left: RDT007, Top middle and bottom: RDT006, Top right and below: RDT008


Thicker ties work well for people who want colour and style to be noticed. These ties are great not just for weddings, but for any formal event or work party.  They are bold, distinguished and will have you feeling like the star of the show.

Left, Top middle and below: RDT010, Right: RDT012

Order your ties at your local Richard Designs stockist.

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